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The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning - Heart Based Social Emotional Learning.

Since 1993.

Our Specialty: Train the Trainer: 

3 Hour Workshops Per Week
8 Stacking Certifications
Diplomas of completion

Certificates of completion




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Heidi Little Self Love 3rd Eye Meditation Lounge Austin, Texas

Child Of The Heart, How Do We Teach Self Love In Education?

The True Roots of Social Emotional Learning 

If we love ourselves, we will make very different choices. Heidi Little, M. Ed.

The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning provides a turnkey, Train the Trainer and partner curriculum, with enrichment specials. The eighth instructional stacking modules were created over 25 years of progressive education, program development and teaching. The modules have proven our understandings in Heart Based SEL, with flourishing students , educators and communities across North America, and in our international endeavors. 

Delivered in an online/in person experience. Workshops and Stacking Certifications make up our foundation with group cohorts, private: workshops, classes and events throughout the year. Each module is 3 hours. We also supply licensing and trainers, to organizations, school districts  and educational/training organizations in North America and Internationally.


For the educator whether private/public/homeschool/free school or no school: our body, mind and spirit curriculum is based in Embodiment Practices, Tools and Techniques, that restore the heart, brain coherence, and supports the parasympathetic nervous system. Included are concrete tools to learn, experience, live and teach. Structured group exploration, personal exploration,  identify gifts, mission and purpose, in a weekly, stacking, team atmosphere that is supportive, and inspiring.

Explore personal/professional development, and gain the ability to share/teach, embodiment practices, tools and techniques, and instruct SEL to a single person or group/class. While having everything you need to feel confident in true Social Emotional Learning. Students will become equipped with the tools to deeply connect with self, anchoring in the heart, and developing a strong, lasting connection to the inner guidance system. As we progress through the modules you will learn techniques for yourself personally and to teach to others. How do we show up and overcome the day to day challenges of life with love, grace, ease, resilience, belief in self and our abilities, and gifts? We inspire students to explore self, and self in relation to family, community and the world. Be the balanced, best, whole you, with the ability to share tools and techniques to: love self, establish the connection to inner guidance systems, imagination, balanced body, mind and spirit connection, support optimum health, inspiration, hope and peace that understanding self brings. 

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Eight Turnkey Instructional Modules Based In Embodiment Practices, Tools And Techniques. 
Here We Grow!

Our Feature
Stacking Modules & Certifications 

Advanced SEL education through turnkey, stacking modules, based on 25 years of field experience. Learn foundational tools and techniques that have been designed, implemented, informally and formally assessed, in classes, community and internationally, over two decades. Guaranteed and viable curriculum. The eight stacking modules are: Module One: Self Love in Education, Module Two: Be The Medicine, Module Three: Identity, Module Four: Self in Relation to Community, Module Five: Self In Relation To The World And Universe, Module Six: The Classroom As A Social Setting, Module Seven: Safe And Brave Spaces and Module Eight: Launching Your SEL Journey. Individualized learning plans to get the most out of your certifications. Great for children, youth, young adults, and mature learners. Built on the I do, We do, You do model.


Self Love

Self-Love in Education Module One/Certification One


Be The Medicine

Be the Medicine Module
Two/Certification Two 



Identity Module Three/
Certification Three



Self in Relation to Community Module Four/Certification Four


Global Consciousness

Self in Relationship with the World and Universe Module Five/Certification Five


Social Systems

The Classroom and Community as a Social System Module Six/Certification Six


Safe and Brave Space

Creating Safe and Brave Spaces Module Seven/Certification Seven


Launch Your SEL Journey

Chart and Launch Your SEL Journey
Module Eight/Certification Eight

Educators and Leadership.

We know how challenging navigating the waters of life and education has become. We stand in the present, and look to the future with hope for the restoration of healthy, happy people, and for inclusive caring, supportive communities, and societies. We have developed social emotional learning techniques, and tools, and have been implementing them since 1993. We have crafted 8 modules and 4 specials to easily implement into any classroom. Whether that is a forest, or brick and mortar. The Center can also support with our Certified Social Emotional Learning Trainers from the Center for Advancement, as well as, specialized instructional options via  classes, workshops, teacher certifications supporting professional and personal development for all.


Let us navigate and support self, so we may effectively support our children, youth, communities, teams and each other. 

We are happy to announce that The Center for Advancement In Social Emotional Learning is here to support. Here is a short description of our modules and our trainings:

The Modules

25 years of students, internationally living their best life and flourishing.

Knowing and loving self is a beautiful human experience. Human Flourishing.



More About

The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning

Mission: We are educators, community members, life long students, and people implementing Heart Based Social Emotional Learning. We are exploring, and learning, embodying and understanding the pathway to our hearts, and inner guidance systems, our gifts, missions and purpose. We know these understandings of self, are key and foundational to a healthy, in balance, and whole person and life. Once we understand self, and love self, we are able to effectively share, guide and support others. We realize we are the change we wish to see, and we are raising the bar of love, care and respect, for ourselves, education, society as a whole, and our students. 

The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning: provides consultations, stacking certifications, and Trains the trainer. Online and in person: in communities, nationally and internationally.  We are here to provide educators/parents and students with Social Emotional Learning, tools and techniques that connect us to our most empowered and authentic selves, our hearts, and inner guidance system. From there we explore through activities, tools and explorative group conversations how we relate to family, community and our world/humanity. We create educational up leveling, and opportunities, events, and more to expand love, care and respect in all areas of life and professions that work with people. 


The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning: Licenses Social Emotional Learning modules at city/district/state and government levels, and organizations working in opiate abuse, emt, and mental health in North America and abroad, thusly addressing the crisis at hand by providing our students with resources and tools to navigate these transformative times and promote health, wellness and balance for all students, educators and professionals. 


The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning: offers instructional modules and certifications that can be purchased per educator or as group training packages, as individual certifications, or as a set of 8 or 14 with specials. The modules can be completed in our Train the Trainer 8 week stacking certification course or completed at the students, parents, educators, community members, and groups pace. The modules can also be used as supplemental materials in the classroom/community. The option to become certified still exists with these methods by completing our assessments (video and written) at the end of each module and setting up the parameters with the Center. 

We also offer in person workshops, classes, and events. And district, business, and organization consultations. We will design whatever you need to make heart based social emotional learning a part of your and your students experience, thank you for reaching out. We will come up with a Social Emotional Learning experience and plan that works for you.  Email us today

PARENTS: The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning: Our children need us to love and care for ourselves, and then to educate and to foster the strength and love inside of them. To support them in uncovering, exploring and cultivating their unique gifts. We endeavor to support you so you can support them. We lead with the heart and wisdom. Let's design what works for you. 

COMMUNITY: The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning: A strong community is built by well balanced, happy, healthy individuals who have enough left over to give more. We endeavor to support each persons unique abilities and way of being in a balanced, loving way with self, understanding how to work, build and play in community. That takes compassion, empathy, resilience, value in the deep work and understanding that we are celebrated in our uniqueness and a strong team is a diverse team.  i.e.; Building community, Recovery resources, and more.

Educators: We have your back. Techniques to keep you healthy, well and balanced. And a tool kit to share with others. 

What We Offer

Certifications, Classes, Workshops, Licensing, Events, Consultation


Certifications, Classes and Upcoming Events


Workshops For All Ages in SEL
and related coursework 


Train the Trainer 


SEL Licensing 


8 Stacking SEL Modules and 4 Specials

What Clients Say

"Your classes saved my teenage daughter, and our relationship. Thank you."

L.E - Lake Placid, New York

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Our History Our Campaigns

What We Believe In And What We Do
Our Center is built on the 25 years experience of its founder, and 10 years of experiences with our 365 day a year, free, thematic activity platform titled International Children's Month. Peace in Education, Water Stewardship in Education, Self Love and Whole Being in Education, Youth Activism/Stewardship for the Environment/Humanity and so much more. 

Team Work Makes The Dream Work


As a large movement of educators, cultural creatives, social entrepreneurs, and activists, Outreach is close to our hearts. We believe that the best solutions for society come from within, and make it our mission to build awareness so that this is a possibility across the globe. We are behind peace education, water consciousness/education, earth wisdom and medicine wheels, whole being education, self love in education, unity, equality and sovereignty in education/consciousness.


The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning in collaboration with International Children's Month/World  has built an environment of support and helpful resources to make sure that Partnership is always a priority. Our success is driven by the hearts, minds, and souls of our community. Come and join us.


Advocacy is an essential pillar of our Education and Self Love Movement. There is strength in numbers, and we work to inform and encourage others to take a stand for what they believe in. To date we have supported and celebrated with Idle No More, The Children's Peace Project, WE, The World, Unity Earth, World Peace and Prayer Day, World Unity Week, Eco Conscious Music Alliance, World Kindness USA, the Black Jaguar Foundation, and International Children's Month.

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Meet The Trainers from 2020: Heidi, Karen, Joel and Letha

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