Inspired by 25 years as a Social Emotional Learning curriculum designer and educator, International Award winning vocalist/songwriter and performance artist: Heidi Little, M. ED created The Center for Advancement in SEL, www.SELAdvancement.org to provide educators, heath care professionals, humanitarians,  students, parents, children and youth a partner platform and progressive choices for classes and curriculum that supports social emotional learning, mindfulness,  body, mind, spirit and soul connection, for each unique person. After 9 years as the Co founder/Director of International Children's Month which has now become InternationalChildren.World 

Accredited teachers/mentors/guides are ready to explore, and journey into the enrichment areas of learning and growth with you. 

Welcome to safe and brave space.



Here you will find the best teachers/educators on the Globe. With the freshest most empowering content. As we provide the foundational  curriculum to restore, cultivate, inspire and uplift humanity. Getting us ready and equipped to face this new world, as balanced, resilient, joyful, and creative individuals as part of the evolution of humanity.  The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning began it's journey in 2013, members decided to organize and make an impact through International Children's Month. Pretty quickly, this singular moment evolved into a full-fledged movement. Our Education Movement runs parallel with the existing International systems/models and can be integrated, and partnered easily. Our main focus is education that serves each person. To nurture, to be in right relationship with self, family, community and the world.

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Committed to Our Cause

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Center Director/Trainer The Trainer

Heidi Little, M. Ed is the Center Director and the Trainer for Texas, North America, and Internationally. Heidi has been a progressive educator and SEL curriculum designer since 1993. She has worked in three countries in private, public, catholic, free school, home school, no school settings, in community, workshops, and International productions. Heidi is the Co founder/Director of International Children's Month, a yearly thematic, empowerment platform in it's ninth year, and a visionairy of the Global Waves of Love. She is also the theme coordinator for children and youth with WE, The World. Heidi has published 13 education books including the pedagogy behind the center titled Child of the Heart, How Do We Teach Self Love in Education? and the eight Educators Modules that are the foundation of the Centers present curriculum. All are available on amazon. Heidi is the CEO of Omnipresent Media, LLC a television network and she has just launched the new tv series Social Emotional Learning available internationally on ROKU. Heidi is also an International award winning music and performance artists with SONY, a mother, and a humanitarian. Visit her personal website here www.HeidiLittle.com

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Certified SEL Train The Trainer

Joel trains the trainers for New Mexico, North America and Internationally. 

An award winning MMA fighter, Joel brings a special something to the team. the peaceful warrior. In the past he has been a succesfull empowerment coach who toured Internationally in the self help, and empowerment corporate arenas. His work with Alovea to end child hunger is profoundly beautiful and saves lives. Part of what we do here at the center is support educators in creating a safe and brave space set of guidlines. This is Joel's~ 

Our Agreement To Safe Space As A Collective Community:

Everyone is a “Reflection” of one another in some capacity. 

Knowing this, even if we disagree we can still acknowledge we are one. 

And for US to be ONE (especially within our highest self) we acknowledge we are Love.

We acknowledge Source is love - and we are source.

So even if we disagree- we acknowledge are Reflections with love, thank them, and feel gratitude for them-

Because they are allowing us to feel and think and Be- which is Experience.

Experience is Wisdom. To Be Is All. And To Be Is To Experience.

To Be is to accept your ability to consciously process within your own awareness;

This is the gift of life. 

Having and creating your own thoughts, beliefs, and ideals is your birthright.

Using your freewill to be and become something means you’re growing into something.

And Growth Is The Infinite Principle Of The Universe.

What grows cannot perish.

And by receiving perspectives (with love) outside your own you fulfill your own infinite nature.

May we grow and be in love- forever.



Train The Trainer New Mexico and International

Karen Trujillo is a family coach, author and speaker who holds a bachelor's degree in Sociology from Loyola Marymount University. She is passionate about sharing her experience as a mother, early childhood educator, CA mentor teacher, family coach and healing arts practitioner to foster and cultivate living from the soul! Karen's soul purpose is to offer opportunities for people to connect to their true selves and to strengthen their relationships. Karen utilizes her intuitive abilities and various modalities to assist families to transcend depression, addiction, anger, and fear, as well as to facilitate open heart communication. She is the founder of Surfin' Your Soul Family Services. 
She is passionate about training people to be certified in HeartThread and Social Emotional Learning.