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Wheel of Love-update dec. 2020


We have spent centuries training the body, decades training the mind, and we have allowed the heart to all but atrophy. If there is one call I can make to educators, it is to implore them to teach of the connection to the heart. ~Gandhi

What We Offer

  • Online Classes Worldwide

  • In person trainings

  •  Workshops For All Ages in SEL and related coursework

  • Professional Stacking Certification

  • Train The Trainer

  • SEL Licensing

  • Individualized Learning and District/Organization Plans 

  • Books

  • Audio

  • Television

  • Consultations


Inspired by 20 years as a teacher in fine arts, public school, and Social Emotional Learning curriculum design  (long before we had this name), International Award winning vocalist/songwriter and performance artist: Heidi Little, M. ED created: The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning. To provide educators, heath care professionals, humanitarians,  students, parents, children/youth and humanity, a partner curriculum and progressive, transformative and lasting set of embodiment practices, tools and techniques, through classes and curriculum, that supports social emotional learning. Ultimately, how to teach self love in education.


Loving self, creating a deep inner connection to self, and what Heidi coined as the "Inner Guidance System". Exploring and cultivating, each persons gifts, inspirations, drives and dreams connecting body, mind, spirit for each unique person, balanced and functioning within the greater whole. After 10 years as the Co founder/Director of International Children's Month (365 day a year free, thematic, activity platforms for all) and four years as the Children and Youth Theme Coordinator for WE, The World (Jane Goodall, Desmund A Tutu, Deepak Chopra, Rick Ulfik) and The Children's Annual Global Wave of Love The Black Jaguar Foundation, Idle No More, and many more... We come to the simplicity of this: Accredited teachers/mentors/guides are ready to explore, and journey into the enrichment areas of learning and growth with you. 

Welcome to a

Safe and Brave Space.

 The curriculum development and implementation began in 1993. Back then Heidi Little was referred to as the teacher who taught you how to love yourself, and how to get along with each other. Many years of education in three countries later, we now have a name for this type of education, Social Emotional Learning. The one thing that we noticed is that everyone (including the master book writers on SEL) continue to skip over the heart. Which is foundational in our curriculum and workshops. We believe that when any person is connected to their heart, and knows the tools to protect and foster that connection that we will see the transformation of all these things that are presently hurting us. Explore our site, we have put a lot of love and care into the details and to help you understand the full picture of what we are offering. The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning began its journey in 2013, members decided to organize and make an impact through International Children's Month. Pretty quickly, this singular moment evolved into a full-fledged movement. Our youth from those previous years platforms are rocking it. These youth who were 8, 12 and 13 are now the heads of youth movements/organizations, awards in peace, arts, culture, environment, and humanitarian global organizations. Our personal students are flourishing in all areas of their lives. We like to say "Our proof is in our youth".


Our yearly themes have produced and supported big movements like water consciousness, peace in education,  growing food, seed saving and sharing, tree planting, cleaning up our oceans, soils and air quality, and more! Our partners are many: WE, The World, The Black Jaguar Foundation, Keep The Waters Flowing, The Hado Foundation, The Seed Temple in New Mexico, AERO and more. Our Education Movement runs parallel with the existing International systems/models and can be integrated, and partnered easily. Our main focus is education that serves each person. To nurture, to be in right relationship with self, family, community and the world.

We invite you to explore, Child of the Heart, How Do We Teach Self Love in Education? We have stacking, turnkey modules and classes to fit everyone's schedules, and personal professional development for all ages.

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The Team. Committed To Our Cause.

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

From designing your experience to implementation of your workshops, certifications, trainings and events. We've got you!

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