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Group Professional Development




3 Weeks


About the Course

How does your inner landscape, your finances, wealth, prosperity, body, energy, family, community and the world contribute or lack there of to your professional development? Let us gain some monumental clarity surrounding you and your professional development.

Work through the things you need to work through, celebrate the things that should be celebrated and learn new tools and techniques to take you to the next level.

The only one standing in our way is us.

Let's love through it.

Weekly and monthly opportunities.

Your Instructor

Heidi Little, M. Ed

Heidi Little, M. Ed

Heidi Little, M. Ed is the founder, designer, business owner and lead trainer for The Center for Advancement. She has 30 years in education pioneering the field of what we now know as SEL or Social Emotional Learning, she is also a fine arts instructor in music, voice, guitar, piano, folk dance yoga, meditation, energy medicine, water medicine wheel work, and with children and youth advocacy and personal freedom techniques. A personal and professional development coach, keynote speaker and International Educator. Oh yes, she is also an award winning and published musician, recording artist and writer. Her albums span the globe, and her books are numbered at 14 on amazon. She has taught internationally on panels, in free school, home school, no school, private school, catholic school, christian school, at festivals, and community events and privately for 30 years.

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