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Train The Trainer




8 Weeks


About the Course

Train the Trainer is our signature course. It is an 8 week long exploration into your heart connection, inner guidance system, using 30 year vetted embodiment practices, tools and techniques. During your 8 weeks you will spend one 3 hour workshop, and the next 6 days thereafter, implementing the technqiues for visualization, meditation and activiation at around 20 min per day, along with journaling your transformation, and securing the understanding with a short video of you delivering the meditation/activation technique for that module. All elements are submitted to Google classroom apon completion.

Each module you complete comes with a certificate of completion, and the access to move forward to the next module in the 8 module series. Once all 8 modules are completed in a timely manner, you are then awarded your Certification as a Heart Based Social Emotional Learning Educator. Throughout the program you will determine your area of expertise, the best project that lives inside of you, and how to launch it out to the world. With the opportunity to join our team here at the Center for Advancement in SEL. We move out into the world as trainers, key note speakers, guest educators, or secure employment with organizations who are in need of our skill set.

All tuition is due up front and there are no refunds unless illness of yourself or your loved one, keeps you from completion.

We truly look forward to exploring and evolving in a safe and brace space for everyone. When we do the inner work, the outer work becomes more clear, and in alignment, with our mission and purpose here.

When we love ourselves we make very different choices.

Your Instructor

Heidi Little, M. Ed

Heidi Little, M. Ed

Heidi Little, M. Ed is the founder, designer, business owner and lead trainer for The Center for Advancement. She has 30 years in education pioneering the field of what we now know as SEL or Social Emotional Learning, she is also a fine arts instructor in music, voice, guitar, piano, folk dance yoga, meditation, energy medicine, water medicine wheel work, and with children and youth advocacy and personal freedom techniques. A personal and professional development coach, keynote speaker and International Educator. Oh yes, she is also an award winning and published musician, recording artist and writer. Her albums span the globe, and her books are numbered at 14 on amazon. She has taught internationally on panels, in free school, home school, no school, private school, catholic school, christian school, at festivals, and community events and privately for 30 years.

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