New Classes

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We are happy and grateful to be offering a new set of online certifications. Next Spring session begins Feb 12th, and runs through April 2nd, 2023.

Now offering personalized trainings and workshops. Would you like to book sessions for your team, group or organization? Please email 


Self Love Workshop One: Explores techniques and tools utilized and taught over 25 years in three countries, and internationally! Students have found a deep connection with self, how to maintain and cultivate that connection, as we explore our deep and rich inner world, and fill up our lives. Group discussions, and some real world application allow the student to fully come home to self, and leave with activation techniques that can be used as daily practice, or as a deep reset as we navigate life with joy and love.  This class includes the Seed of Light Activation. 

Be The Medicine: Workshop Two: Utilizes the small group environment, the medicine wheel exploration technique, and rich, exploratory mapping to actively create, and put down on paper however the student wishes, their deepest inspirations, dreams, desires, present reality, and future realities. To understand self, and facilitate the highest outcome for their lives. Complete with another infamous activation to bring self home to the heart. Explore with the medicine wheel exploration technique, designed to set you free, and continue to support your life, love and happiness as you transform and grow. This class includes the Seed of Light Activation. 


IDENTITY: Workshop Three: Is a kindness workshop, a compassion workshop and a self love workshop all in one. Exploring through the medicine wheel, group conversations, and reciprocity as water beings on a water planet, we will seek out and identify the motivating forces in our identity from our upbringing, society and self talk, and reinvent, conceptualize and activate, a present version of who and what we are on this planet at this time. When we know self, love self, and make decisions based in our highest most divine unfolding, we will create new time lines, new worlds, and a new future, that is in alignment with our gifts, inspirations and desires. This class includes The Oneness Activation. 

Self In Relation To Community:  Workshop Four: We came here to be together, let's be courageous and and brave in our enrichment, and our community. This workshop explores what Heidi calls "Tending our personal field." Here you will learn how to clear your energy field from the unconscious connections that happen throughout our day and lives. If you have a job that requires you to be around people, this one is perfect for you. Learn how to fill up your personal cup, and keep it clear so the days of drain are over. We will also explore the safe and brave spaces concept, as well as restorative circle work. Perfect for eduators, homeschoolers, and the like. 

Plus FOUR MORE! Launch your group, project, class, and creation for a better world. More details? email

Each class comes with a pdf module in advance. 

A certificate of participation.

And certification when all written and video materials are submitted on time and passed..

 Requirements of certification are a continued 6 day practice, including written work and one video of self, doing the techniques and then submitting that completed work to by the Saturday morning at 9 AM of that week.