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The Center for Advancement offers licensing of it's eight, stacking, turnkey modules, and four specials. We pride ourselves on co creating the best case scenario for your team. Whether you are a district, a company, or a team, we will curate the best Heart Based SEL trainings and licensing for you. Choose from one or multiple trainers from our team. Give the gift of true and deep connection to heart, inner guidance system, and tools for your people. 


 Based on 25 years of SEL experiences designing curriculum and implementing, with: At Risk Youth, k through 12 settings, International youth platforms, mental health, social services, police and emergency first responders and in many types of school settings: private, catholic, public, free school, home school, no school, community and workshop settings. We have created a partner curriculum, and trainings that can be licensed quarterly, yearly or bi yearly. Our techniques, are core heart based teachings in SEL that are the game changer for people. Uncover your heart based connection, mission, gifts and purpose. 

We are International educators implementing social emotional learning, while raising the bar of love, care and respect for self, family, community and the world. Our license covers the 8 stacking modules and can add in the 4 specials modules. One in Theater, one in mindfulness and meditation, one for Pre K and the partner manual for Module two: Be The Medicine, The Exploration Technique.

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