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Our Stacking


The foundation of our Curriculum is based in heart anchors, breath work, imagination, exploration, creativity, inspiration, personal written work ( journaling), our four directions mapping technique along with group expirations and conversations centering around topics that make up our lives, communities, world, and how we fit into these space. In a safe and brave way. The key to each module is exploration and experience. Through experiential, guided activations, utilizing visualization, sensory experience, deep heart and inner guidance connection, imagery, breath work, and self mastery, students learn embodiment techniques to soothe, and manage the landscape of body, mind and spirit, the parasympathetic nervous system all while supporting each person, in the best way for them, to navigate successfully through the challenges of life we all experience. Along with many other tools, we discover, and then understand self in relation to family, community and the world, along with the key, understanding self. 


The modules have been designed to support 0-110. And the feedback across the board is absolutely outstanding. 


  • Each modules takes 3 hours to complete, and require a minimum of one week of commitment to solidify the practice, discovery and understanding/embodiment. 

  • Each module stacks on the one before it.

  • Each module contains daily written work and one video assessment that must be completed for actual certification (a certificate of participation is possible for individual modules pease email us) 

  • To be able to instruct all 8 modules must be successfully  completed.

The Foundational Modules:

Self Love in Education

Be The Medicine


Self in Relation to Community 

Self in Relation to the World and Universe

The Classroom As A Social Setting

Safe and Brave Spaces

Launching Your PROJECT Or SEL Journey 

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Our Movement

Our Curriculum

The Eight Stacking Modules

We believe in heart based education. Explicit, and stacking, I do, We do, You Do strategies, and hands on learning.



Showing up and saying yes to exploring self. To join a cohort or district training. Being willing to grow, and explore and do the work is our I Do. Taking the initiative to say what we have done is not working, and what we do now is paramount to our future. Giving ourselves permission to tap into self, our gifts, our purpose our mission. This is our I Do.


Educators model. The Center for Advancement's trainers are experienced in the field. As a large movement of educators whether that be as a homeschooling parent or as an educator in any setting, modeling is so much a part of our job. We here at the Center for Advancement, have utilized twenty years of what is now called SEL tools, techniques and experiences to craft and continue to craft tools and techniques that give us anchors, that transform stress, doubt and fear, tools that bring in the higher learning, higher self awareness, and higher ability to model what is so needed in these times.  


We believe that the best solutions for self and for our society come from within, our modules  make that tangible, experienced. One student and one classroom at a time. 

Love Heart


When you are doing the certifications, we do them together. The modules are constructed to be easily delivered, step by step. We do the practices together. We explore the topic questions for discovery, we share with each other our thoughts and process as we move through the curriculum/modules.


The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning has built a training/class system that serves its participants. Guided zoom and in person class times model and then WE DO is our phase two. Participants learn the techniques are assigned a written and video component and then spend the week doing the practices, considering their experiences, journaling and embodying what serves their highest good. Our cohort is supportive and here for each other. And each weekly class meeting stacks on the meeting before. Then stacks and moves into the next level.  Our success is driven by your success and your reach, and the hearts, minds, and souls of our education community. We will be there for you and tailor into your SEL journey how to best support you moving out into the world as an SEL educator. If we determine you need us with you at the start of your program in your place of education, we will be there for you! Team work makes the dream work. 

three hearts


This is why we call them embodiment practices, tools and techniques. By the time you are through a certification or the Train The Trainer course, you have new tools, practices, and techniques to model, and share. You understand how to create safe and brave space so your students feel comfortable attempting the techniques, exploring the questions, and doing the work.


Advocacy is an essential pillar of our Education Movement. You will leave our classes and our curriculum fully empowered in what you came here to do. With your purpose and your mission deeply felt and lived. As we grow our movement of SELF LOVE Based education model, we will heal, restore and uplift our present and future selves and generations. There is strength in numbers, and we work to inform and encourage others to take a stand for what they believe in. 

Specials Modules

Social Emotional Learning, exploration, understanding and community through the performing arts in education with One Love Rising The Musical, meditation/visualization partner curriculum with MEDING: Meditations and Visualizations for All Ages, companion module Be The Medicine for Module Two and the pedagogy behind this entire movement Child of the Heart: How Do We Teach Self Love in Education? Framing the exploration and why it is critical for present and future generations health, wellness and wholeness.

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