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Expand Your Journey,Tools and Techniques in Eight Weeks! 
Self paced
Group classes.

Embodiment practices, tools and techniques to heal, restore, uplift, revitalize, bridge body, mind and spirit, cultivate human flourishing, creativity, imagination, joy, happiness, connection to inner guidance systems, and higher power.  

Eight Stacking Certifications

  • Week 1: Self-Love in Education Certification One

  • Week 2: Be the Medicine Certification Two 

  • Week 3: Identity Certification Three

  • Week 4: Self in Relation to Community Certification Four

  • Week 5: Self in Relationship with the World and Universe Certification Five

  • Week 6: The Classroom and Community as a Social System Certification Six

  • Week 7: Creating Safe and Brave Spaces Certification Seven

  • Week 8: Chart and Launch Your SEL Journey