​ UPCOMING SESSIONS 2021 Online Certification: 

August 7th-Sept 25th, 2021. 

​Eight Stacking Certifications over Eight Consecutive Week-long Courses

Each Class includes three hours of class time, Saturdays 11am-2pm, American Central Time

Expect EXTENSIVE homework and 24/7 embodiment practice each and every week

  • Week 1: Self-Love in Education  - Certification One

  • Week 2: Be the Medicine - Certification Two 

  • Week 3: Identity - Certification Three

  • Week 4: Self in Relation to Community - Certification Four

  • Week 5: Self in Relationship with the World and Universe - Certification Five

  • Week 6: The Classroom and Community as a Social System - Certification Six

  • Week 7: Creating Safe and Brave Spaces - Certification Seven

  • Week 8: Chart and Launch Your SEL Journey 

Registration/Tuition/Certification Cost: $2,400.00 and 40% off (total $1440.00) until June 1, 2021 in North America (Tuition in other countries will be determined by licensees in respective territories).  Installment payment plans welcomed, and there may be some scholarship funding available in special circumstances.

Certification of Completion SEL Advancements Class of 2021 

Dear Educator,

We know how challenging navigating the waters of education have become. We look hopefully to a future filled with possibilities for restoration, for healthy and happy people, and for inclusive communities and societies. We are using social emotional learning techniques, implementing professional and personal development, and practicing embodied presence to help us navigate and support our children, teens, and each other. We are happy to announce that The Center for Advancement In Social Emotional Learning is now enrolling for eight week stacking certifications:

Week 1: Self-Love in Education: Based in the basic principles, guidelines, and ethics of Social Emotional Learning, this certification will explore and teach tools and techniques that have been crafted over 25 years of evolving Social Emotional Learning principles that inspire and enhance connection, resilience, support, synthesis of information, recovery, wholeness, balance, and health and wellness, while supporting a deep inner connection to self. 

Week 2: Mapping Out Self: Utilizing a technique based in mapping, participants will be guided into exploration and cultivation of personal dreams, hopes, and goals, while exploring areas that are necessary for our health and wellness, wholeness, and success. We will explore and understand self, family, community, and the world, while witnessing and experiencing what it feels like to ‘hold safe and brave space’ for self and others. 

Week 3: Identity: Who are you in actuality? How did you form your opinion of self? What areas do you wish to cultivate or transform? This module is about discovering “the greatest you,” and what fuels and inspires you. What is yours to do and to be? Our identities can be confusing at times. As families label and decide who we are, the real work here becomes self-exploration into how we really function and who we really want to be. In this module we explore choices and options, and make solid decisions grounded in what brings us joy, happiness, and a sense of well-being. 

Week 4: Self in Relation to Community: How do we fit in with our community? How do we fit in with society? What are the points that work to support us being “a part of” and “included in?” How is it that we come to feel included, and to feel as though we are contributing? What would we like to bring forward more readily and to embody more often in these areas? Participants will seek to understand, cultivate, and embody their best sense of self in relation to community. They will explore what it is to feel a part of, to feel connected with others, and to work within a healthy and balanced body, mind, and spirit. 

Week 5: Self in Relationship with the World and Universe: Being a part of something greater than ourselves. Is it love, compassion, and kindness, or perhaps higher power, spirit, or creator? How about your ancestral relations? Grandmothers and Grandfathers, whether physically present or not -- we are all connected. What is the concept of “We” or Oneness? How can this the exploration and embodiment of these concepts support us on our journey?

Week 6: The Classroom as a Social System: How do we work SEL into a classroom or community setting? What is the social setting and social dynamic? How can it progress? How are you setting up your classroom or education space?  How do different personality types and people types play off each other? We will explore the classroom within the larger framework of schools, education systems, and communities. Participants will learn embodiment practices, tools, and techniques to foster a solid foundation of self in relation to the classroom environment, and how we may foster that insightful and productive space for others.  

Week 7: Creating Safe and Brave Spaces: Safe and brave spaces are designed and cultivated. How can we create those spaces to foster the learning outcomes in SEL that may be cultivated within ourselves, in our students, and in our communities? What type of classroom do you want to foster? What are the boundaries and characteristics in SEL which keep you and your students flourishing, safe, and brave? Cultivating your safe and brave space guidelines are the main focus of this certification. Participants will determine what their resulting guidelines look like, feel like, and sound like, as well as drafting their safe and brave space guidelines which will be implemented to achieve these results.

Week 8: Chart and Launch Your SEL Journey: This certification is paramount to your success moving forward.  Participants will determine goals and design the implementation to successfully accomplish those goals. In this module you will be creating your SEL Action plan, whether it is your own program, or moving forward to become a certified SEL instructor/educator with The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning. 

Upon completion participants will:

  • Be certified in Social Emotional Learning and The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning Education Center’s Curriculum.

  • Be accredited and supported to begin or expand the teaching journey, with practicum and mentorship opportunities, locally and internationally. 

  • Earn the opportunity to move forward and become a certifying teacher of the Center for Advancement in SEL. 

  • Receive one year of support and guidance from our certified support staff.

  • Be granted your own listing on our website as a Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning Certified Educator. 

  1. We are International Educators implementing Social Emotional Learning, while raising the bar of and for love, care, and respect for ourselves and all our students.  

The Center For Advancement in Social Emotional Learning Public School Teacher Training Initiative

Our Mission Statement: 

We are here to educate teachers, educators, and mentors worldwide in heart-based SEL education. 

We support restoration, healing, well-being, and resilience, while providing educators with tools, techniques, and personally-designed plans to support healthy lives and productive classrooms with balanced relationships among staff and students. We also offer tools and techniques in Social Emotional Learning that support embodiment of SEL Core Principles through specialized teacher in-service training, both online and in person, at community, district, federal and international levels. 

What We Do:

The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning (SEL) provides certification and training internationally to educators, mentors, and corporate mentors and managers, both online and in person. We offer eight-week specialized intensive training with deep personal work in profound self-exploration concepts and activities, and certifications which require participants to demonstrate both in writing and by recorded video presentations the full embodiment of the practices and principles of our SEL curriculum.  Every participant will become intimately familiar with the tools and techniques we have developed, complete with an online video and written assessment for each module. 

We also offer half-day, full-day, and week-long workshops, both in person and online. We have 25 years of Social Emotional Learning curriculum design and implementation experience, in a variety of educational settings - private, public, alternative and progressive. We are in active “train the trainer” operations now addressing and transforming the root causes of the crises at hand: suicide prevention, gun violence, the opioid epidemic, teen pregnancy, depression and a collective decline in mental health. By teaching tools and techniques to deeply connect to self, andto nurture that connection, we help people build resilience, heal past trauma, and embody practices, tools and techniques for wholeness, of self-love, and for fostering healthy connections that extend out to family, community and the planet we share.

What We Offer:




The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning “Trains the Trainers in each state, province and country to provide educators, students, mentors, and corporate entities with Social Emotional Learning, tools, and techniques. We support efforts to create educational, health care, and other job opportunities, while expanding the implementation of social emotional learning to all. 

"We have spent years educating the mind, and training the body. It is now time to focus on educating the heart."  -- Gandhi  

Through licensing our curriculum modules around the world, we will effectively address the crises at hand by providing educators, emergency responders, healthcare teams and so many others with resources to navigate these transformative times; supporting health, wellness and balance for everyone. 

The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning: offers online written and recorded video modules that can be purchased and completed at the educator’s pace, or which may be used as supplemental materials in the classroom setting or in the community at large. The certification option is still available by this method; requiring completion of our video and written demonstration assessments at the end of each module.  Email Hailey at

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“These techniques saved my life. I was depressed and lost. I am now in full time university with a strong sense of who I am and what I feel called to contribute to the world. Thank you Heidi! 

⦁ Aisha, Canada

“Follow the three R’s: – Respect for self. – Respect for others. – Responsibility for all your actions.”

⦁ Dalai Lama 

“The SEL Certification course from The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning, opened up my perspective, my goals, and my life!  Heidi Little is the educator to learn SEL from, she literally help create the whole thing! I highly recommend this course!”

     --    Sharon Rea -No Judgement Just Love/Arizona   

“I had a life altering experience, and I didn’t think anything could heal my depression and anxiety. Working on my self connection with Heidi, completely changed my life. I have found my self again. And I look forward to my journey.”

⦁ Heather, New Mexico 


Additional Workshops: 

  • Mandatory Restorative Circle Practices for Staff and Student Body. Creating Safe and Brave Spaces. 

  • Heart based practices, tools and techniques. Heart Based Education for Staff and Students.

  • Health and wellness through Social Emotional Learning and Mindfulness.

Certified SEL educators from the Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning can be hired to train, speak, present, and implement workshops and talks on our curriculum, philosophy and future trajectory. 

The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning: Was built on the work of International Children’s Month, June. In its ninth year of activity, fueling its mission for “Children across the planet in love, care and respect.” Featuring Social Emotional Learning: yearly themes, activities, events, people, places and techniques, International Educators, Grandparents, Love, Care and Respect mentors and families. Supporting the mission: “Children across the planet in love, care and respect. 

Utilize the nine free Social Emotional Learning thematic, empowerment, activity platforms for all at 

“We look forward to working, and growing with you.”

The Center For Advancement in Social Emotional Learning

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