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* Per Module (3 Hours) *  8 Week Certification Training (24 Training Hours and 8 weeks of integration)* *  Licensing (Districts, Communities, 
Provinces/States, Countries)* Consultations *

3 Hour Workshops Per Week
8 Week Stacking Certifications
1 Heart Based Social Emotional Learning Education Diploma 


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ONLINE TRAIN THE TRAINER 8 WEEK COURSE: New cohorts happening throughout the year. 

All other programs are bypassing the most important thing, the heart.  If we learn to love ourselves, we will make very different choices. 

Advanced Heart Based SEL education through turnkey, stacking modules, based on 30 years of field experience. Learn foundational tools and techniques that have been designed, implemented, informally and formally assessed, in classes, community and internationally since 1993. 


-Explore personal/professional development, and gain the ability to share/teach, embodiment practices, tools and techniques, and instruct SEL to a single person or group/class. Understand how to restore the parasympathetic nervous system and heart brain coherence. While having everything you need to feel confident in Heart Based Social Emotional Learning. Students will become equipped with the tools to show up and overcome today's learning environments with love, grace, ease, resilience, and an explorative replenishing attitude. Be the balanced, best, whole you, with the ability to share tools and techniques to: love self, establish the connection to inner guidance systems, imagination, balanced body, mind and spirit connection, support optimum health, inspiration, hope and peace that understanding self brings. 


-Get trained and certified in all 8 Modules

-Receive all 8 Modules in hard copy and PDF upon completion

-Become qualified and have the opportunity to become a Trainer with The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning, and Train others

-Learn heart based tools and techniques and be able to share them with others

 $1,440.00 per person (contact us for group pricing)


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Upon completion of all eight modules participants will:

  • Have a cohort of support and/or an individualized SEL plan

  • Understand explicit I Do, We Do, You Do instruction in Heart Based SEL

  • Know how to be in a safe and brave space, and create safe and brave space

  • know tools relating to mapping, restoring the sacred hoop 

  • Learn specialized visualizations, meditations, breath work, and embodiment practices that create new super highways in the brain, restore and maintain the parasympathetic nervous system and align the heart and the brain coherence 

  • Know tools and techniques to weather any storm with resilience and self love

  • Embody tools and techniques that will connect the trainer and the students to their hearts and their deeper connection to self

  • Have cultivated and understand and master, compassion, empathy and group communication

  • Understand self in a new way and how to bring that self in relation to family, community and the world

  • Have the tools to be happy, healthy, in balance people

  • Have cultivated and explored: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making

  • Know how to begin, facilitate and end a Heart Based SEL group session

  • Create a roadmap for success moving forward

  • Be awarded certificates in successfully completed modules 

  • Have the potential to be accredited and supported to begin or expand their  Social Emotional Learning teaching journey, with practicum and mentorship opportunities, locally and internationally. 

  • Earn the opportunity to move forward and become a certifying Trainer for the Center for Advancement in SEL 

  • Receive continued support and guidance from our Center for Advancement in Social Emoitonal Learning Team

  • Potential to be granted listing on our website as a Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning Certified Trainer



Mission: We are International Educators, implementing Heart Based Social Emotional Learning while raising the bar for love, care, and respect for ourselves and all students. 


Graduates will have the ability to implement all Social Emotional Learning tools and techniques, concepts, and pedagogy of Heart based, SEL. As well as the ability to guide and teach a one on one SEL workshop/class, have the ability to instruct a group SEL workshop, to/for all ages, and backgrounds. And implement a 8 module, turnkey curriculum based in heart based Social Emotional Learning. 


Learning Outcomes Heart Based SEL Trainer Competencies: 

  • Competency 001: The teacher knows how to plan, implement and evaluate Heart Based SEL instruction.

  • Competency 002: The teacher understands developmentally appropriate skills, concepts and instructional strategies to promote students’ development of Social Emotional Learning  concepts, knowledge and skills; enhance critical and creative thinking in Social Emotional Learning contexts; and foster appreciation of Heart Based Social Emotional Learning. 

  • Competency 003: The teacher knows how to plan, implement and evaluate Heart Based Social Emotional Learning instruction.

  • Competency 004: The teacher understands the role of Heart Based Social Emotional Learning education in everyday life.

  •  Competency 005: Demonstrates knowledge of the content and performance standards for Heart Based SEL

  • Competency 006: Knows how to organize, sequence and evaluate lessons in ways that promote effective student learning in Social Emotional Learning.

  • Competency 007: Demonstrates an understanding of teaching methods that effectively integrate Heart Based Social Emotional Learning instruction into core classes, artistic modalities,   and all subject areas for students at different grade levels.

  • Competency 008: Recognizes and describes effective strategies for teaching Social Emotional Learning effectively to students with diverse backgrounds and needs.

  • Competency 009: Understands considerations and procedures for developing and using instructional strategies that encourage active learning and are responsive to the strengths and needs of all students, including students with diverse backgrounds and needs.

  • Competency 010: Educator knows how to guide students with various skills and interests to explore avenues of self-discovery and self-expression through journaling, mapping, group conversation, and other aspects of Heart based Social Emotional Learning. 

  • Competency 011: Demonstrates knowledge of methods for developing and applying appropriate evaluation standards based on students’ abilities and experience, offering appropriate feedback to enhance students’ performance and teaching students to critique their timing, pacing and delivery for the optimal experience with the Heart based activations, meditations, tools and techniques.

  • Competency 012: Demonstrates familiarity with multiple forms of assessment and how they can be used to evaluate and monitor student progress, to support, and to plan instruction, implementation, and effectiveness in Social Emotional Learning.

  • Competency 013: Knows how to create, organize and manage a safe and supportive environment that encourages student learning, motivation, collaboration and positive forms of risk-taking.

  • Competency 014: Demonstrates knowledge of safety practices relevant to creative expression and implementation, including practices related to emotional well-being and the safe use of the voice, body, mind, heart connection, and inner guidance system/spirit.

  • Competency 015: Analyzes the benefits and relevance of Social Emotional Learning, experiences for students’ academic and personal development (e.g., encouraging experiential exploration of content-area topics, facilitating creative problem solving, promoting self-knowledge, enhancing understanding of interpersonal relationships, improving self-confidence through implementing tools and techniques, developing verbal and nonverbal communication skills).

  • Competency 016: Demonstrates knowledge of career and avocational opportunities in Heart Based Social Emotional Learning and the classroom, business, group, or individual, via the skills and preparation required for these careers and avocations and ways to integrate awareness of careers and avocational opportunities into Social Emotional Learning in whole person educational spaces, nationally and internationally. 

  • Competency 017: The ability to make cross-curricular connections within self, family, community and the world, as well as school and district settings, reinforces learning in multiple types of classrooms. Social Emotional Learning  overlaps with ELA, ISS, specials, progressive classes. Tools and embodiment practices are to be learned and adapted, assessed, and implemented. Social Emotional Learning educators support the landscape of all places where humanity, social culture, and health and wellness of self in relation to the world come into play and form.  These understandings intersect with Social work, emergency work, education/teaching, post treatment, counseling, music, theater, media arts, police, emergency services, health care and supports positive mental health, and inner balance. 

  • Competency 018: The ability to make cross-curricular society connections within the business, team building, corporate and small company, reinforcing employees and staffs ability to respond to situations, challenges, and strategic development for teams, groups and individuals. 

  • Competency 019:  Tools and embodiment practices must be adapted, assessed, and implemented. Social Emotional Learning educators are a reflection of the history, present and future social culture, and health and wellness of self in relation to the world and intersect with Social work, emergency work, education/teaching, in counseling,  music, theater media arts, math, english, and all subject areas. Universal skills like team-work, public speaking, time management, empathy, cultivating inherent gifts, life purpose, and mission, and commitment to loving self, will serve students forever. A teacher/mentor/guide must be able to draw these connections. And land it for our students. 

  • Competency 020: Self in relation to self, family, community and the world.

  • Competency 021: Educators will be certified to Train Trainers, to achieve a higher and faster result in cultivating a positive, deep, and love filled appreciation in students of and for self, family, community and the world 

  • Competency 022: Teacher will be able to effectively navigate a group for 3 hours, while implementing safe and brave space, self love embodiment tools, group discussions, personal work and techniques. 

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