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Social Emotional Learning
8 Stacking Modules

The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning


Our Modules are based off of 25 years of field experience, curriculum design, and study. We have put together 8 modules that combine the tools and techniques we believe maintain, restore, and enhance body, mind and spirit, based in self love. We have created and implemented and now have the social data. Through 9 years of SEL International Platforms, and the success of our students and educators, society, and our collective humanitarian advancement, we feel very confident in our self love methods and the way we share them. The modules are designed with embodiment practices, tools, and techniques that are not found in any other SEL program. There are plenty of good young children's SEL introductory materials, we at the Center for Advancement, designed our modules to work as a partner for any educator and any classroom, even if you have already implemented SEL. Our modules are used to train the trainers and educators in the root of what SEL really is: coming form the inside out. Human flourishing. When we do the internal work and learn to really love self, and be deeply connected to our inner guidance system, we become empowered, balanced and healthy people. We have designed techniques that help us explore and discover ourselves, these become inspirational, and lead into understanding ourselves in relation to others and the world.  

As educators we can then model, teach and share, with others. Explore and experience the difference.

Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum. Our proof is in our youth.


Self Love in Education

Be The Medicine


Self in Relation to Community

The second area of focus is on moving out into the world and our classrooms whether at home, private or in a public setting, and meeting the world with our tools and skill sets. 

Those Modules Are:

Self in Relation to the World and Universe

The Classroom As A Social Setting

Safe and Brave Spaces

Launching Your SEL Journey 

Talk to us about your location, and the needs of your people, explore and launch through our 8 week workshop/certification. We will come up with the best way to implement Heart Based Social Emotional Learning. How Do We Teach Self Love in Education? Let's find out. 

The Center For Advancement's Eco Friendly Option:

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